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Thread: Viki - Holy Biscuits Tezuka Anime

  1. Viki - Holy Biscuits Tezuka Anime

    These guys seemed to come out of nowhere, but they're streaming a lot of Tezuka anime, mostly stuff that's never been shown in the US. They have their own site,, but they also have a Youtube channel with just Tezuka stuff: . ALSO they've been putting shows on Hulu.

    Most of it seems to be shows that are unseen outside of maybe some fabsub video traders back in the 90s: Don Dracula, Blue Blink, The Three-Eyed One, and they're actively adding more. Bander Book is up, but no English subs YET. A comment on their Youtube channel indicated they would be adding English language subs, though.

    Now, the subs aren't great, and they're barely coherent English, but they get the job done. Hopefully they'll be fixing that as they go. I would pay to subscribe if they added some more old anime, but i don't think they even charge yet.


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    Wow! What a weird version of Dracula.

    Thanks for the link.

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    yeah I watch some don Dracula on hulu. It was pretty good

  4. I think Viki is crowdsourced subs. No shit.

    I'm just happy this has somewhat understandable subtitles at all!

  5. There's this thing too:, mostly old anime like Yatterman and Cream Mami, with some Tezuka stuff like an actual translation of Bander Book.

    They're not asking much for each boxset, but i don't think they're going the right direction. A subscription service like Crunchyroll would be better. I really don't know what their business plan is. I'm probably their primary audience, but even i don't really care for more dvds of this stuff. I have yet to check it out to see if the translations are better than Viki's (it'd be hard not to be).

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    Chocolate is super cute!
    But these subs are atrocious...

    I like Animesols' money counter. I'd love to contribute to something like that with such a visible result.

  7. WELL, against all odds Animesols actually funded Creamy Mami!

    So despite not really caring about actual dvds, i hope they're able to pull it off well enough to keep going. Their subs are at least good and their hearts are in the right place.


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