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Thread: Killer Instinct (XBONE) C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

  1. Will, I've been reading the same stuff. No online arcade port.
    Xbox Live- SamuraiMoogle

  2. Meh, i'll buy the 20 dollar version. Not interested in the original game. This is day 1 for me in any case, especially after watching the Twitch Stream.

  3. No shelf-tits, confirmed.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    No shelf-tits, confirmed.
    That's a shame.

  5. Now, is that Mileena or Kitana?
    I always get them confused n__n

  6. Look like she has some sort of Spider thing going on. Along with Aerial combos, in fact that air web kick thing she did kinda made me think of Spiderman's moves from the VS fighting games.

  7. Maya comes from the jungle and the jungle has spiders

    Maya confirmed

  8. lol.

    She has Gen's upward kick too.

  9. New vid showing off the new character (Sadira) and B Orchid.


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