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Thread: Killer Instinct (XBONE) C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

  1. Leggo my Jago

  2. Better.

  3. Auto Doubles aren't linked to the flow from KI 1&2.

  4. I was so excited for this game until they did this pay per character crap, leave it to Microsoft to mess up one of the cooler things looking up for them.

    Hopefully at some point everyone is unlocked for some bundle deal or they release a fuller retail version.

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    Sounds awesome the way he's describing it. Cannot wait to play this friggin game!!!

  6. There's a whole lot of Street Fighter 4 in that game. If you told me it was a mod, I would believe you.
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  7. As little use as I have for MS right now, I didn't have a problem with this model for the new Tekken so I can't complain about it for KI. Admitted, if I'd been waiting since the 90s for a new Tekken I might have a different opinion.


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    Depends on how much they charge per character, but it could make it one very affordable fighting game. Lots of people only like to play one or two characters anyway. I will play all of them.

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    I don't think anyone can realistically complain about this model. It doesn't really sit well with me but that's because I'm old and I don't like change.

    People who wouldn't have otherwise played get to try it out, including online, and maybe become fans.
    If you do play the game but only play some characters, its cheaper for you.
    If you want the whole package, I'm SURE you will be able to buy it all at once for a reduced (normal) price.
    The online will be more active.

    The problems? I guess there will be more scrub Jago/Kazuya/Akira/Ryu players? If you try the game free, then enjoy it too much you might end up paying more purchasing characters piecemeal and feel cheated, and blame the company for making a fun game?
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