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Thread: Last Chance Saloon

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    Thats the handheld that played Genny carts, right? I don't think I ever saw one turned on, does it look good in action?

  2. It looks like you'd expect.

    Want another box of action figures?

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    Oooooo I DO!!! PM pending.

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    Longshot, but you still got either of those basses? Or the Hi-flyer? Or that BT-15?
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  5. I have the hi-flyer, the violin bass, and the BT-15.

  6. Wait. I have the Mosrite too. I've not been trying very hard to sell it.

  7. Just listed a bunch of sexy as fuck 30x30 Levi's 511s on ebay if you're a bad enough dude to rock them.

  8. I'm a fat enough dude to not.

  9. Sucks for you! These fuckers will make you into a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus.

    Just like me.

  10. If you paid me, I shipped your stuff today.


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