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Thread: work phones

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    work phones

    I'm about to get a new work smart phone.

    My options are:

    galaxy 3 and iphone 4 for free


    Galaxy S4, Iphone 4S & 5 for half

    plan is free, regardless of which one I get.


    Yes, I'm googling this on my own.

  2. Don't get old phones. The cost isn't that large and the upgrade is noticeable.

    I'd get iPhone 5.

  3. I, on the other hand, think the new iPhone's features don't make it any better than the 4s. Mostly.

  4. Wait until iOS 7 comes out imo

    edit: I have a 4s. I like it a lot. My contract is due up at the end of the year but I'm in no rush to change it. But if I was buying a phone today, I'd buy the most up to date model.

  5. That's a game changer, yeah. I'm still holding out for a 5s.

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    I don't get to wait on picking a phone. They're paying for the phone and plan so they can get in contact with me if there is an emergency.

  7. iPhone 5 has LTE if you need fast work Internet. When I get LTE it smokes my home cable Internet.
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    Went to the cell store today and looked at the phones. They all seem like mostly the same shit. But I liked the galaxy 4 more than the iphone 5.

    Though I'm sure the differences would be more apparent when I actually wanted to do something outside of the normal user experience. Or if I'd been using them for months and then started to wonder why this or that didn't work better or like some other thing.

  9. You haven't done this yet?

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    Kinda 'cold' and 'no fucks' about the whole smart phone thing.


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