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Thread: Totally stupid questions about my displays.

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    Totally stupid questions about my displays.

    Hi guys.

    I have a dual monitor set up going on here. I have a 60 inch Samsung TV and a craptastic westinghouse whatever tv/monitor thing.

    The issue on both of my screens is that the image isn't centered on my screens, and the edges cut off a little bit on both.

    On old tv's you used to get that setting where you could slide the image around up, down, left, and right until it was right in the middle. There is no freaking setting for that in the menus for these displays. Is there a way to do it in software?

    Googling just told me to change my screen's resolution to native (it is on both) and to make sure I was in landscape (I am.)

    I can give you photo reference if you want. It's not like, dealbreaking, but it's just so annoying.
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  2. How are you connecting it to the tv? If it's DVI or VGA, there's usually an autocorrect option on the display (some times with HDMI too). Other wise you'll need to dig into the settings for your video card. I think Nvidia, and AMD in their control software allows you change the image position.
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  3. Nvidia definitely lets you do that as I have to with my television (instead of 1920x1080 it's like 1860x990 or something silly) in the NVIDIA Control Panel, adjust desktop size, enable resizing.

  4. What Mech said.
    I had to do the same thing when I hooked my pc up to my samsung. You get arrows in the corners that you can pull in or push out as needed.
    It's annoying though as it doesn't seem to stay set like that if I play a game. The game will display fine, but afterwards my desktop is all out of whack again.

  5. Stays for me and even remembers the setting when switching back and forth between my monitor and TV (until there's a driver update). It used to be screwed up like what you said for me when I had an ATi.

  6. Your TV should have a "just scan" or "1:1" mode. Enable it.


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