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Thread: Steam Trading Card Trading Thread

  1. Oh shit! A foil globe!

    Let's see if some joker will pay four bucks for this.

  2. Yay a foil globe for me too, unfortunately they've dropped in value, but I got a few bucks out of it still.

    I like that I put $10 in to get a bunch of sets completed and get a ton of globes when they were selling for crazy money the first night and since then I've gotten of $20 of games from this steam sale entirely funded by card money, yay for profit.
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  3. Okay, I've stopped selling globes for the time being because I had a trade request that wouldn't have worked out considering I've been selling everything I don't need to complete the badge once. If anybody wants to trade globes (Lookin' at you, Yoshi), here's what I have:

    Have (Extra)
    Snow Globe #5
    Snow Globe #6

    Snow Globe #3
    Snow Globe #4
    Snow Globe #7

  4. What the? There's a purpose to these? Can someone explain?

  5. Yeah, but it would probably be faster to just click on the link on the Winter Sale page and read the detailed explanation.

    The best thing to do is put all your cards up on the marketplace and sell them whilst they are still valuable. If you get a full set you can craft them into a badge and you will get a random item for a Steam FTP game. If you are extremely lucky that item will be for DOTA and you can sell it on the marketplace for like $200 or something.

  6. So I decided to buy a few cards and craft some badges, then sell any duplicate snow globes to fund buying the rest of the missing cards for the holiday badge, just to see how things worked. I ended up down $2.85. Eh, there's still the rest of the holiday sale to try for better. I budgeted $5 to experiment with so there's still some wiggle room and plenty of time to earn a few more snow globes.


  7. The key is booster pack drops.

    You craft badges to increase drop rates. Some people get one a month, I get one a week at the worst, sometimes two a week. I imagine the guys at 200 level get three or four. It's not lots of money, but it can be fun.

  8. Just got a foil Skyrim card. Is there a point to them other than to sell and fully fund the standard non-foil badge?


  9. They're the same as the normal badges in terms of XP but you can only craft one level of them and they drop much less, so they sell for more.

    Sell it. Even I don't have a single foil badge.


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