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Thread: Steam Trading Card Trading Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    I have an extra Chivalry
    Do you need/want anything in return?

    edit: Thanks, Dave.

    I now have a Skyrim or Prison Architect available for a BioShock.

    edit2: Make that a Skyrim, a Prison Architect, or a Chivalry for a BioShock.
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  2. Have Kerbal, Tomb Raider, Dead Island for Bioshock, Chivalry, Reus, or Skyrim.

  3. I gots a Football, Tomb Raider and a Torchligh.

    I need a Prison Architect and a Reus.

    Not sure if I'm buying any more games through the end of this thing, either!

  4. So far this sale I've gotten 5 Torchlight, one of which I traded for a card I hadn't gotten yet. This kinda sucks.


  5. Everyday I'm idling.

  6. I have a Kerbal for either Bioshock or Reus.

  7. I've got: Kerbal, Chivalry, Dead Island, Tomb Raider.
    I need: Bioshock, Torchlight, Foosball

  8. So literally I have about 60 of each card. Don't worry about it.

    The point is I'll trade anyone any card they want for any other card from the summer sale. Just open a trade with me if I'm at my computer.

    You're welcome TNL.

  9. Anyone want to trade a DmC Dante card with any other DmC card save Hunter? So Kat, Virgil, or 'Dante walking'

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    I really dislike the levels of badges.


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