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Thread: Steam Trading Card Trading Thread

  1. I have doubles of a grillion elves. I need Itsy and Tender, though. Anybody wanna trade?

  2. If anyone messaged me about trading, I apologize, I wasn't at my PC

    Cards suck

  3. Ah, butts. They disabled market transactions on the Holiday cards really early.

    Oh, well. I made the badge once. If anyone wants to swap cards in the next 14 minutes, send me a message.

  4. I ended up with a level 16 badge for this one. A few days back you could get any of the cards for 6 cents each. And I sold a lot them very early on for .26-.30 each.

    Don't craft another badge until the next sale is going on with it's own cards as a bonus. Those cards always go for 25+ cents at first then drop below 8 cents with a few days left in the sale.
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  5. How Valve responded to dorks looking for a deeper layer to their silly comic noir-themed sale:

    First sign in. Then...

    Quote Originally Posted by Reddit
    Open up Ikaruga in your internet browser

    type SEARCH

    press enter

    type 1v7531
    Anybody want to trade dumb holiday cards? I think I could probably make this badge twice more if anybody wants to trade around. Send me a Steam message!

    2 Santa's Workshop
    2 Holly
    2 Twinkle
    1 Redemption

    1 Zippy's Demise
    1 Sending a Message
    3 Taffy
    2 You Better Watch Out
    1 You Better Not Cry
    2 Guess Who's Coming to Town

  6. Urgh. Nevermind on trades. Sedition and I just hit a huge problem with 24 hour trade holds and these cards expire.


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