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Thread: NEC/TTi System Appreciation Thread (PCE, TG16, SG, PC-FX, etc.)

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    NEC/TTi System Appreciation Thread (PCE, TG16, SG, PC-FX, etc.)

    Welcome to the NEC/TTI System Appreciation Thread, home to the greatest game Japan will ever make:

    Of lesser but still significant importance are the gems of the rest of PC Engine's underrated lineup:

    The Games that Defines the TurboGrafx-16

    The Best Undiscovered TurboGrafx-16 Games

    It's worth noting that a lot of the great TG/PCE games are available from the Wii Virtual Console and/or the PlayStation Network.

    I personally highly recommend the Soldier series of shooters, even including Star Parodia, which is to this series what Parodius is to Gradius:

    For additional reference, here is's NEC Compatibility Guide, which details the different systems, cards, etc. needed to play all of the various types of games under the PC Engine umbrella. As stated in the completion thread, the baller set up is a region modded SuperGrafx with an RGB modded Super-CD-ROM2 and an Arcade Card Duo, as that will play everything.

    I don't have any personal experience with the PC-98 or the PC-FX, but I wanted to include them in the thread in case there is interest.
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  2. I still love Alien Crush, Ninja Spirits, and Nectaris (Military Madness).

    If I still had my TG-16.
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  3. Totally agree -- finally in the past couple of years got a turboduo r and castlevania along with a bunch of other games I've been waiting probably 20 years to play... definitely worth the investment.
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    Yes sir, I appreciate the TG16/PC Engine. I picked up a TG16/CD combo a little while back, modded the hell out of it and got an arcade card.

  5. I really need to get Gates/Lords of Thunder.

  6. Emulation and batshit prices led me to sell off my Duo RX, TG-16 with Booster plus, and library a year ago.
    I don't miss them all that much. That's not to say they're not great systems and games, they absolutely are, but I was a Turbo kid when everyone else was getting Genesis. So I've been "in the know" since 1990 or thereabouts.
    I take umbrage with some of that "undiscovered" list.
    Tricky Kick is the best puzzle game no one played.
    Time Cruise is absolutely horrible.
    Terraforming IS incredibly average and the graphics are all flat and boring. I have no idea why it commands the price it does these days. There are PLENTY of better shooters available.
    On the other hand,
    Godzilla is a pretty good fighting game.
    Somer Assault was also really fun.

    How many of us owned a PCFX?
    I had a pretty decent library for it, but considering how disappointed I was in $$$ to fun ration with Zeriogar, I never picked up Zenki or Chip Chan Kick.
    Had a bit of fun with Langrisser, had most of the Anime Freak comps, and tried to like Battle Heat.
    I faq'ed my way through Team Innocent. Never played any of the other games I had (the few sports titles and too many Visual Novels/Dating games/mahjong.

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    I'd still like to pick up a PCFX one of these days, but it's not really high on the priority list. I keep hoping some of the visual novels get fan translations sometime, but I doubt there's enough interest.

    You're right about the prices being nuts. I don't have a lot of games, but pretty much all my TG16 hucards are loosies from a lucky ebay auction, a few PCE imports, and maybe 10 CD games.

    I think it's pretty funny that back in the day Dracula X was like this collecting holy grail when it started hitting $150 or so on ebay. Now there are dozens of games on the system that will beat that price all day, while X has actually fallen in value to about $60-80 last I checked. I still need to get another copy of it since I traded mine many years ago.

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    That compatibility guide is crazy. I could never seem to keep track of TG stuff, and now I know why.

    Can anyone list out any MSRPs of these console versions, game types, compatibility cards? Mainly just US.
    Was the controller just standard 2 button, with start/select? There are a bunch of different looking ones. Are they all cross compatible?
    I hear about disc rot, which means old CDs may not be playable? Can these systems read burns, which could truly be called backups in this case?
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  9. When growing up I knew one kid who owned a TG-16. He thought it was crap and when I visited his place I never even saw him hook it up, and instead we played Worms on the PC. That is the entire history of my physical interaction with the system.

    I tried Splatterhouse at one point and thought it was kind of okay, I guess. I remember the big games for the system being Bonk, Bomberman, and a great port of R-Type, but R-Type bores the shit out of me so I never had a desire to play a port of it and I just can't get into Bomberman. One day I'll finally check out Bonk. Legendary Axe also sounds kind of cool, and watching a video of it just now I like how some enemies have dodges where the goblins do backflips and stuff.

  10. I didn't own a single Turbo system until about 2 or 3 years ago. Then I ended up with a Turbo Duo and a handful of games which were rad and lead me to buy a modded Japanese Duo-R and a whole bunch of Japanese games.

    There are some great games to play but the prices have gone kinda crazy. I actually put up my Turbo Duo on eBay last week and it's got 4 more days to go.
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