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Thread: NEC/TTi System Appreciation Thread (PCE, TG16, SG, PC-FX, etc.)

  1. There is no copy protection, so pirating is fairly easy.
    My happiest day was when a copy of Sapphire arrived in the mail. I bought it off of some guy on The Turbo List for $25.
    The standard controller is the two button deal with start/select and turbo switches.
    Six button (and 3 button, but who wants that?) controllers were eventually released.
    My ideal setup was always an import duo (no region on cd games) and a US TG16 with a booster plus (tg16 only did RF without the booster adapter, the plus version added battery backup for the couple of hu card games that supported saving) to play the american hu cards, but that was when the consoles were relatively cheap and hu card converters were not.

  2. My modded Duo had the sound problem, and it simply too expensive to collect for, so I traded it in at the retro store and got my daughter a brand new DSi. The look on her face when I brought it home was more than worth it.

    That being said, I'd like to get a regular old TG-16 with a Booster Plus (for saves) and mod it for s-video, or a Japanese Duo and mod it for video and region play. I'm not all that interested in CD games, which is why I'm leaning towards the TG. The system has just become mad expensive to collect for overall though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    There is no copy protection, so pirating is fairly easy.
    That's CD games only. HuCards are region locked to the systems and you'll need an expensive converter or a modded system.

    And if you really want a modded system to play everything I'd recommend this eBay seller. I bought my system off of him a little over 2 years ago and it's still working great. And his modded systems seem to sell for less than a stock American Turbo Duo does now.
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    The three button controller is actually really useful. The third button is just a remap of either start or select, so any game that uses one of them as an action button could potentially be easier to control.

    SSJN: is that a real Sapphire or a boot? I've got one of the pressed bootlegs, I love it. Probably my favorite shooter on the system.

  5. Darmonde asked about copying discs, so that's what I responded to. That's also why I went on to mention I always rocked a Japanese duo and American TG 16.
    gohan: by copy, I meant COPY. Even then (late 98 or 99) Sapphire was super hard to find and easily selling for $200+
    edit: now that I think about it, it was earlier than that. maybe 96 or so. My portal to the internet back then was a Saturn Netlink. Got my first PC in 98. I distinctly remember emailing him through the Saturn.
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    Did the different CD formats just get bigger, or were they just different, and all backward compatible?

    This is interesting, but in a way that I don't think I'll ever appreciate it. It just looks like a giant mess to my uncultured eye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmonde View Post
    Did the different CD formats just get bigger, or were they just different, and all backward compatible?

    This is interesting, but in a way that I don't think I'll ever appreciate it. It just looks like a giant mess to my uncultured eye.
    They're all backward compatible. An Arcade Card will play any CD.

  8. Think of it like the 64 and the expansion pack.
    You had three levels of CD game.
    Base, Super, and Arcade.
    Only the base and super came out over here.
    The original (or base as I am calling it) cd unit could play CDrom games.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TurboGrafx-CD.jpg 
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    There it is attached to a turbografx. It also came with (but not pictured) a System card which you had to put into the turbografx cartridge port in order for the CD unit to function.
    Eventually though, the Super CD format was introduced. The CDroms didn't change, but the amount of ram on the system card did. That enabled better graphics and whatever.
    This was built into the Turbo Duo, but if you had the original, you had to purchase a Super CD card (or expansion pak if you will) in order to play them on the old CD unit.
    Finally, the arcade card was introduced in Japan. It further enhanced what was possible with the CD rom by adding even more ram, and again interfaced with the system by being plugged into the cartridge port.
    This was never built into any system or sold in America. So if you had an American system and wanted to play a japanese Arcade Card CD, you had to have a convertor since the American cart pinout differed from the Japanese.

    The original CD rom card:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mvndYxBAndrh98gtmvMHirw.jpg 
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    the super CD card:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Turbo-CD-Super-System-Card-3.0.jpg 
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    the arcade card:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	436522231_640.jpg 
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    There were two version of the arcade card. One for people who owned the original CD rom (because it needed to have enhancements that the Super card added) and one for people who had the Duo (and thus had the Super stuff already).

    Thankfully, with a few exceptions, the cards were backwards compatible. So if you have a Duo with an Arcade card, you can run all but a few (mostly 1st gen ass) Duo games.

  9. Before some nerd jumps in, I am aware of the few (unlicensed?) CD games that came with their own system card. But there's only a few of them, and I don't believe any of them are worth mentioning in the context of "must play games."

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    Actually, you triggered a long buried memory. Altered Beast will only run with a System 1.0 card IIRC. I might have the card wrong, but I know that was an odd ball.


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