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Thread: NEC/TTi System Appreciation Thread (PCE, TG16, SG, PC-FX, etc.)

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    That makes sooo much more sense now, thanks. So the carts were just RAM addons, CDs were of course just CDs. And all the different cards were just different amounts of RAM because newer systems had more RAM built in.

    More stupid questions, that I could probably look up! Did the hucard format stick around for the life of the system? Or once CD games started getting made, that format was basically replaced? I'm actually looking at some of those sites linked by yoshi so this is actually less questions than I had before.
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  2. Yoshi: you are correct.

    Hu cards were more or less around the whole time.
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  3. So many of the TG16 greats are flawed and unpolished in such a way that they'd be ill-served by more polish or better design. Veigues Tactical Simulator is kind of a mess, but it's awesome for it. Same with Final Lap Twin and a bunch of the shooters. They're not quite good bad games, they're something else.

    It's like Cavia made every game for the system.

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    The Arcade Card is really only useful for one game in 2013: Sapphire. The other games are ports better played elsewhere, but Sapphire is worth the $30 or so you'll spend on an arcade card IMO. If you skip that game, you'd be perfectly fine with a Duo or Super System Card 3.0, which is dirt cheap for the Japanese format. The US format is expensive, but really, if you buy a TG16 you should get it region modded. There are some guys on PCEFX that have made a mod chip that makes it fairly painless compared to the ridiculous 100 point switch mods from a few years back.

  5. This thread...all this TG/PCE love...

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    Yeah, not so much. Thank God Matsuno didn't work on that at Quest.

  7. I know Haoh had it at one point.
    I wonder if he still does...

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    PCE Godzilla is a lot of fun. Dracula X goes without saying.

    I have NEVER understood the love for Blazing Lazers.
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    Blazing Lazers if fun and cheap, but it's nowhere near the best shooter on the TG16. I'd take the Soldier games any day.


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