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Thread: Orphan Black

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    Orphan Black

    Anyone else watching this? I have seen around half of the first season and certainly liking it so far. It has a clone theme and the main actress does a good job at playing multiple parts.

  2. I've seen them randomly playing on BBC and have watched parts of them, but never really understood what was going on. I haven't really had the time to tackle a new series... maybe soon.
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  3. I'm a big fan! Watched them all as they aired on BBC America. Really looking forward to next season.

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    Season 2 starts tonight.

  5. So happy it's back! Good start, I hope they can keep it awesome.

  6. I bought this on a whim when season 1 was 19.99 this weekend. Holy shit this show is awesome
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    The show seems to be gaining a bit more popularity even if it's still mostly a cult following. Tatiana had a cameo appearance on Parks and Rec this past season. And I have seen more advertising than last year (bus stop billboards).

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    It's on the front page of Amazon Instant Video, I wouldn't think it's obscure at this point.
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  9. I just finished blowing through season 1 and the two season 2 episodes over the weekend. Can't say it's a particularly deep show but damn is it entertaining! After the initial setup they've done a fantastic job of keeping the action moving and stress-level up.


  10. I just finished season 1 and halfway through 2, this show is awesome and Tatiana deserves some award for this show.


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