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Thread: Superman v Batman Dawn of Justice

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    So killing a bunch of people in Gotham is worse than letting the world be destroyed? That's some batty logic.
    The same logic people used when trashing the film . "Waaaah, that's not Superman". I thought it was a BS criticism of Man of Steel, but I can certainly see people being critical of it who lived through it. Remember, this isn't Superman that's been around for 20 years, it's early Superman that people don't know much about. I could see it.

  2. I liked the Ultimate Version of BvS better than the standard WB watered down version, but I did like Civil War more.

    The "Dream" sequence reminded me of Final Crisis, where Darkseid figured out the Anti-Life equation and manipulated Superman leaving Batman to battle alone. In that comic, Batman used guns.

    And yeah, I think the "Dream" was a way for them to make a Multiverse. But it's like Snyder took all these comic runs and threw them all on the wall, looked at the shit board, and said ... yes perfect. Let's film it.
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