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Thread: The Cringe/Beta/Omega Thread

  1. The Cringe/Beta/Omega Thread

    I'm not going to lie, the vast majority of the following content is either from /r Cringe or a particular huge-ass thread from some bodybuilding website. But I figure I'd get the ball rolling. The thread I'm referring to can be found here:

    I cannot finish some of these.

    Funny enough the people in THAT thread are their own brand of weird.
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    holy shit that bodybuilding thread is incredible

    my sides

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  3. Is this real? This isn't real, is it?

    This one might actually be my all-time favorite:

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  4. I can't watch these. It's painful.

    I like that I knew exactly what 4chan thread that was before reading just from it being posted in a beta thread.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Is this real? This isn't real, is it?

    I don't think it is scientifically possible for a brony to be THE MAN.

  6. I can only watch this one in 10 second chunks.

  7. Cringe threads make me so angry. More than most threads on 4chan.

    in before rules one and two

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    what the shit am I looking at

  9. The future of America.

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    This is the generation growing up in the Internet.


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