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Thread: The Cringe/Beta/Omega Thread

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  3. Myes, myes indeed.

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  5. I know these guys always sort of existed, but who the fuck told them it was ok to have a voice? They usually just kept to their own corners of the world, occasionally stepping out to comment on a picture of a girl or something...but why are there so many of them now?? Is the terrible economy reenforcing this behavior....?
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  6. Here's how it works:

    1. Typical male bravado is demonized by a society that largely works to maintain peace. Power fantasies are satisfied by games, movies, and books. Many sterotypical male indulgences have either proven to be unhealthy or have been demonized as well.

    2. An increasing lack of fathers in America involved in their kid's life. Replaced bythe ever-increasingly pedantic, politically correct mass media monster can envelop a child's life entirely thanks to Reagan's de-regulation of media and Big Entertainment. You can literally live a Disney life and be taught Disney morality from endless waves of media from every direction: Books, Music, Newspapers, TV, Movies, Websites.

    3. The internet consolidates and emboldens these subversive communities. The good old fashioned fight or flight trigger never has to happen because you're a safe distance from the reality. No, bullying isn't right, but societal friction is necessary to not just teach the limits of your perceived importance, but also to expose you to opposing viewpoints.

    4. The mysterious and wonderful power of tits.
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  7. And on that note:

  8. George, there's enough material out there already, don't feel obligated to do your own.


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