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Thread: Uncharted/Uncharted 2/Infamous

  1. Uncharted/Uncharted 2/Infamous

    I got these three games with my PS3 last year but I already beat all of them. If you want any or all just pay for shipping and they are yours.

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    I actually was looking for these, but I'm stubborn and want the original cases. These are the cardboard sleeve ones that came bundled I'm guessing?
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

  3. Yea, cardboard sleeve.

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    Well if no one else is interested, maybe I'll ask you for them. But I'll let someone else grab them if they want. Super nice of you to offer!
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

  5. Last call folks. If nobody (Darmonde?) wants it ill give it to NeoGAF.

  6. I'll take them.

  7. unless you'd rather give them to someone who doesn't want them for resale, I'd understand.

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    Definitely want to play the UCs. Will PM you, but if you already have them going to ssjn thats fine.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

  9. nah dude, take 'em.

  10. (then offer me the same deal when you find "complete" replacements)


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