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Thread: Official Nintendo 64 Appreciation or Lack Thereof Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    Want more NES games? Buy a Switch and pay x to download your favorites
    brb, buying and downloading Kickle Cubicle and Crystalis to Switch right now

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Rush 2049, Hydro Thunder, Vigilante 8, Sno Board Kids, Rocket RoW, Forsaken, Bust a Move, Harvest Moon.

    Nintendo should be able to get the licenses for that stuff. I think Warner Bros owns the Midway stuff and some Canucks own the Acclaim stuff. Activision, Sega (Atlus), Konami, and Ubisoft shouldn't be hard to throw a little money at either.

    And when it comes to memory, let's not kid ourselves. A couple gigs of flash is nothing, and that's all you'd need.
    I would second Rush 2049, those games were REALLY good.

    I think I like the N64 more than most.

  3. I'd buy Tetrisphere today.


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