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Thread: Official Nintendo 64 Appreciation or Lack Thereof Thread

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    Those two games specifically were so heavily marketed with Nintendo branding at the time.
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  2. Well, yea, but Nintendo didn't own them. KI is a Xbox One launch title now. And remember this?
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  3. Looks like a Wii game.

    I kind of want to play that

  4. It is a Wii game, needless to say not made by Nintendo.

  5. Tetrisphere ruled! I'd totally buy another one of those. The Cruis'n type of racing game is dead an buried, the genre has expanded way past that kind of racing structure. I couldn't get into JFG, I don't know why anyone liked it. It was too much for the system to handle.

  6. I want to play a stripped-down version of Jet Force Gemini made for a proper controller and not big for the sake of being big. I always thought there might be a good game in there somewhere, if only it was trimmed down into shape.


  7. Looking back, I like it more than the PS1 or Saturn solely due to the fact that the games are on heavy carts instead of flimsy CDs that take ages to load. In its heyday, though, I rarely ever actually bought games for it. I'd go shopping and have to decide between buying an N64 game, or 6-8 Saturn games.

    Just about everything I enjoyed on the system has been ported or rereleased, and I never liked the controller to begin with, so my N64 sits on a shelf in the hall closet most of the time, but every now and then I hook it up and play Cruis'n USA or Mortal Kombat Trilogy just for the hell of it.

  8. First of all, Yoshi is wrong (shocker) about Starfox being the best 1st party game on the 3DS. Oh and fuck every person that posted in this thread for not mentioning Excitebike 64.

  9. I recently played through Shadows of the Empire and enjoyed it a lot. Yeah, the camera is ass and the jumping is really floaty, but it had some cool levels and was fun to explore and zip around in using the jetpack.

  10. Wave Race is the biscuit jam.

    I actually didn't want an N64 when it first came out. With it being hard to find, i actually asked for a Playstation for Christmas because i knew FFVII was coming out soon. I didn't even think we were going to get one anyway, BUT my dad surprised us with an N64, Wave Race, Mario, and Pilot Wings. My mom told us that he'd gotten Mortal Kombat too, but she made him return it, ha ha. Even though i REALLY wanted a PS1, it was still like the video with the kids screaming.

    It was kind of nice because it was really the only video game anything since Tetris NES that my parents showed any interest in. My dad even played it. I remember him finding a secret warp point in Mario 64 i'd never thought to look for. My mom got us Mario Kart for Valentine's Day. My brother used his allowance to buy an awful racing wheel, which we both MASTERED, despite Mario 64 controlling terribly with it. I got Mischief Makers for my birthday. Our dad got us Star Fox after moving, then my brother got Cruisin' USA because my dad probably wanted to play it, and i bought Pokeeman Snap for my brother for his birthday. After that, i left for college with my PS1. Somewhere along the way i took Smash Brothers with me, and Main Character College Roommate and i played it for hundreds of hours (seriously, the clock counter was like 70 hours for Pikachu alone). I think my brother ended up getting Banjo Kazooie at some point, but my dad played it more than he did. He actually ended up taking it with him to work with him, on a ship that went back and forth on Lake Huron.
    After i came back from college one year, he had bought me a new N64. It was nice despite being an old system, since i'd picked up Ocarina, Majora, Ogre Battle, and F-Zero since and didn't have a way to play them besides College Roommate's N64. I was told the old launch N64 had broken somehow, BUT THEN, YEARS LATER

    After my dad died, my mom sent me a box, with the old launch N64 and all the games he had: Banjo Kazooie 1 and 2, and some awful NASCAR racing game. The best part was controller, with the rumble pack melted to it. Somewhere along the line it had caught on fire. I wish i even knew how.

    AND THAT IS WHY I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR N64. Also that N64 still works, and 4 PS2s, an Xbox Actual First One, a PSP, a 360, at least one Wii, a DS Fat, a DS Lite, and a DSi broke somewhere along the line.

    I pulled out Mischief Makers the other day. The first baby training world really sucks in that game. I want to write a big post about Wonder Project J2, but i'll do that later.


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