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Thread: The Best Little XSEED Thread: Now With 100% More Tutturu☆

  1. Musou could actually be awesome, it just doesn't appeal to me at all. Unless it has Luffy. I don't really expect Senran Kagura Burst to be any good, but i hope it is anyway. I'll buy it just because XSEED.

  2. Yeah, I did the same thing with Class of Heroes II. Although I did play it enough to have gotten my money's worth, even if I didn't beat it.

  3. What did class of heroes ii have to do with exceed?

  4. Fuck all?

  5. Are you guys thinking I thought CoH2 was Xceed or you just pulling a Yoshi and bitching about off-topic?


  7. I always called Ruhztee "Ruhtzee", too.


  8. #18
    I like musou games! I like all the games!

  9. I don't want this stupid boob-girl game, but I like XSeed. I hope they release TitS 2 someday...

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    TiTS is my favourite JRPG of this generation.

    And I think I'm going to be buying this boobs game. I like beat em ups, especially trashy ones.

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