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Thread: The Best Little XSEED Thread: Now With 100% More Tutturu☆

  1. The Windows version of Cold Steel's graphic options include damn near everything imaginable. HBAO+, HQ DOF, changeable FOV, and unlimited draw distance (to get rid of the popup from the PS3 version)? You got it. Shadow quality can be cranked to an "absurd" level. Shadow distance can be boosted to avoid having shadow popup. When the Maximum graphics preset is applied, 8xMSAA & TrSSAA go on by default.

    UDD will tax a CPU more on some areas, but a good recent gaming PC should be fine with it. This will be a big visual improvement.

    Glow effects are quadrupled in fidelity from the PS3 version, no matter what settings you use. Also unlike the PS3 version it'll have uncompressed textures. The framerate cap can be removed, but this feature hasn't been QA'd through the game and is considered experimental.

    Thanks to Durante for all this good stuff.

    Major difference.

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  2. The maximum preset looks great, but has a fair VRAM cost. On a GTX 1080 I managed a stable 60 FPS at 1440p, while the VRAM usage went as high as 3.5 GB in Celdic. Max with 4K or 5K resolution probably takes at least a 1080 Ti.

    Mouse control feels a bit over-sensitive, so I'm using a gamepad.

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  3. You're a weird guy.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. High Res textures for Ys Seven!

    There are now texture mods for XSEED's PC port of Ys Seven.
    First, the Chinese Environment Texture Pack ports over the map textures from the Joyoland version released in China. XSEED had touched up the enemies and player character GUI portraits, but not the world textures. There is another HD texture pack being worked on by Drogean. This may be stacked with the CETP, as long as you use Kaldaien's Special K to inject the textures.

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  5. Damn, that PC port looks good. I am playing the Vita (lol) version and at the last chapter, the game literally is going at 10-15fps because there are so many people at the school. I usually don't mind a skip here or there, but it is pretty ridiculous.

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