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Thread: The Best Little XSEED Thread: Now With 100% More Tutturu☆

  1. The Best Little XSEED Thread: Now With 100% More Tutturu☆

    I searched for XSEED threads but i don't think there is one. They're my favorite these days so here we are.
    Lately XSEED's reputation has gone from B-tier Weirdo to the bravest little localization house, catching up to (maybe even surpassing!) Atlus in the days when Atlus was the king of Japanese titles. They were always the bravest little localization house and now that they're pretty much Marvelous's arm in the US, they're still king of B-tier weirdos. Lately they've brought over a lot of really good stuff for those who enjoy the different stuff: Solatorobo, Wild Arms, Ys, Trails in the Sky, Ys, Rune Factory 4, Corpse Party, Last Story, Ys, Pandora's Tower, and Ys, among a BASKET LOAD of small profile but still games that wouldn't have a proper publisher otherwise.
    This thread is for discussion, adulation, adoration, and news for XSeed that doesn't really have another place.

    Like this from XSeed's twitter account

    Well, it's flesh-colored, and Kenichiro Takaki did talk to at least one XSEED employee this year at E3, and XSEED has registered the domain for Hanzo National Academy, the location of Senran Kagura, aka "That One Game With the Bossomy Girls that Puts Dragon's Crown to Shame with its Lack of Shame". @haatsu on twitter, XSEED's most vocal localizer (probably, also a woman) is an unabashed fan of Senran Kagura, and there are a handful of little hints and references that have been posted to XSEED's official or haatsu's personal account.
    So is Senran Kagura getting localized? Will people make a big deal about it, because it's much more direct than Dragon's Crown, or even Code of Princess? Isn't this more of a Nippon Ichi game? Are any of the Senran Kagura games actually a good game? No, but i'll probably change my avatar to that girl with the pink flower eyes if it's announced.

  2. Wild Arms 4 is the best RPG on the Playstation 2.

  3. #3
    I wonder which Senran Kagura game is being brought over? And if it's retail or digital.

    Also, the Kotaku shitfit is going to be glorious.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by magnifiedplaid View Post
    Wild Arms 4 is the best RPG on the Playstation 2.
    Hm. Battle system aside, I always seemed to gather it was pretty well reviled. The character designs always struck me as really far off the Wild Arms mark.

    Though I'll use that to springboard another maybe weird opinion of my own: Brave Story is the best RPG on the PSP. Great graphics, cool Akiman character designs, battles you'll want to get into because they net you materials for actually-useful equipment crafting, neat Chrono Trigger-esque character pair attacks that expand as you pair the same characters frequently, and a battle system not bogged down by any of the arbitrarily-complicated subsystems that modern JRPGs love so damn much.
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  5. Wild Arms 4 was the best platformer rpg, maybe ever.

  6. Ys is the only reason I REALLY want a Vita right now. That takes a lot. XSEED is powerful.

    I'm really glad they took a risk and started releasing Ys on PC too! Ys Origin was a lot of fun. Ten years ago we'd never get Japanese PC releases!

    Well, except Mixx bringing out Graduation. Bleh.


    They probably won't talk about this on the Nintendo Direct.

  8. No gameplay. Clearly focusing on what is really important.

    What you would have seen: janky vaguely old-school Tales of beat 'em up. But like, super janky.

    If it were Shinovi Versus it would have been a less janky Musou style of gameplay.


    But hey, machine gun-as-futa-proxy orgasming has to count for something, right?

  9. Hatsuu says it's good, and hatsuu doesn't lie.

    Musou is balls unless it's Musou with Luffy.

  10. I bought Dynasty Warriors 8 since Jim Sterling said it was the best Dynasty Warriors yet, and I've always been curious about the various series. I enjoyed it! Though it was a matter of going through the many many weapons and finding a handful that spoke to me. Now I'm looking forward to Luffy Musou 2 and hopefully another Gundam Musou to come out (Maxter, pls). Oh, and the music was good, too.

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