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Thread: GTX 670

  1. GTX 670

    Specifically it's a FTW LE edition. I have two power supplies and one of them is completely dedicated to my video card, I regularly dust my system and cards and I monitor temperature with precision x and I've never over clocked this card. I've had it for 8 months and it will come in the original box with everything still in it, even the fucking stickers! EDIT: This is a -KR suffixed card and as such EVGA covers it for 3 years from the date it shipped from the factory regardless of if you are the original owner or not. This means the card is covered until May 2015 through EVGA!

    $250 shipped to real TNL people's. I take PayPal and don't even know how else you would pay me but I'm up to other ideas (amazon gift card omg) if you have them.

    EDIT: Sold
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  2. That's a dang good deal and if I wasn't afraid that I'm one of the unlucky X51 owners that would have power problems, I'd get this ;(

  3. I use this card and it's a pretty nice piece of kit. You must bet getting a nice card if you're replacing it. Titan, or 770?

  4. 780 ^o^

  5. Edited in some warranty information. As a second hand owner you would be protected until May 2015 through EVGA.

  6. Over a week and no bitters so I'm dropping the price to $250 shipped.

  7. I wish I had the money at the moment. I'd love the card but I just can't afford it right now...

    Let me know if there's things you might want in trade for it though... as that could work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    I have two power supplies and one of them is completely dedicated to my video card
    Holy shit. Seriously? What kind of case do you have?

  9. I'm totally down for trades, I'm in the market for a PS Vita and a WiiU if the quality is right. I don't know hit me up with a PM of what you are looking to get rid of, worst case scenario is you waste a few minutes on a PM.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    Holy shit. Seriously? What kind of case do you have?
    I got an Antec that came with a 550 and 650 coupled together. I think it was the P190? The original price was fucking insane, like $600 but somehow my discount when I was still at Fry's brought it down to way under $200. The case is large, has a big 200mm side intake fan, three exhaust fans between the rear and top and has some nice cable management options. I couldn't have got the same size of case and half the power for the same price I got this for. I'm looking at a new case when I move but I'm going to get one that will take these power supplies because they're too awesome to replace and the equivalent wattage is expensive as fuck.

    The way it's set up the video card cables as well as some four pins come out of one of the supplies and the other supply does motherboard, cpu and all the disk drives.
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