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Thread: Tapatalk

  1. Tapatalk seems to load pages like 10 times slower for me than Safari, but Safari now displays giant empty spaces instead of YouTube links. Everything is fucked and I hate it.

  2. Tapatalk and Safari can't keep up with our cutting-edge technology.

  3. Featherweight has been a bitch lately. Reply boxes get all twitchy and words will separate while I'm typing. Like that "t" in typing will disappear and reappear at the end of the sentence.
    All other forums/surfing seem to be fine.

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    There's a new update to Tapatalk. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the interface, but the unread problem is fixed.

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  6. Tapatalk

    Oh my god the new Tapatalk on iOS is gaaaarbage. If you haven't updated yet, you might not want that.

    So far as I can tell, all threads are now listed in that "big boxes with an embedded image" view with no way to change it. And everything has been re-arranged or reworked.

    Also, OH LOOK, avatars are now all circles. God damn you Apple for starting (?) this trend.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  7. Same problem with the Android version. I have no idea how to just bring up a normal forum view anymore.

  8. It's really bad. Really, really bad. And it still won't let me leave rep.
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    Yeah, I auto-updated and was really disoriented for a few minutes.

  10. I've stopped using it.


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