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Thread: Attack on Tutturu

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    It's like something out of a Junji Ito manga.
    Literally the very first thing that came to mind during the initial Titan attack was The Enigma of Amigara Fault. It's unsettling in exactly the same way.

    Edit: This is up on Crunchyroll, btw. Just watched episode 6. Mikasa's flashback was INTENSE.
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  2. It's on CR, it's on Hulu. It's more or less everywhere.

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    I keep forgetting Hulu plays anime.

  4. This would be a much better show if they eased up on the amount of crying and screaming. I'm having DBZ flashbacks of yelling rants.

  5. KA ME

  6. Meanwhile on Planet Namek...

  7. HA

  8. Meanwhile, Gohan goes to school, and learns to drive TUNE INTO THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z.

  9. ME

    Goku dies in the middle of charging up.


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