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Thread: Japanese Video Game Consoles On US Voltage

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    Japanese Video Game Consoles On US Voltage

    I'd been using my J. Saturn for years before a friend told me it was detrimental to the system, and that I should invest in a voltage converter. It's only a 20V difference between the two; is that enough to damage the board over extended periods of time? Buying the hardware isn't really a big deal or anything, but it's yet MORE bulk for my setup. Just wondering how necessary a step this is, especially since I'm considering adding a few other J systems to the menagerie.

    All I want to do is play some perfect arcade Outrun on my Saturn =[
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  2. Pretty sure it's bad, but whaddya gonna do? My and everyone I know's JPS2FAT's memory card slots gave out over time. I've never heard of a US one succumbing to the same problem. Voltage? Stands to reason.

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    I've had Japanese systems for years, and I don't believe it to be an issue. The only possible issue might be that the power supply converts the extra voltage into some excess heat, and unless the system/AC adapter already has heating problems this shouldn't be an issue.
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    Pretty sure it's bad, but whaddya gonna do?
    Spend like $80 on a voltage down converter that turns 120V into 100V?

    Thanks for the input, Gohan. I don't think it's a huge issue, either, but I wanted to get an opinion from someone who knows more than I do about these matters. Where is IP?
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  5. It shouldn't be a problem. The AC/DC current is provided by the internal power supply, and the actual voltage used by the system is a lot less than 100V anyways.
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  6. The majority of power adaptors or power supply boards are built to work with both standards. Besides, voltage regulators can handle a decent range of input voltages.
    On the other hand, there may be some edge cases where the extra 20% is going to push beyond what the component is rated for.
    Also remember that the AC voltage of your household electricity is not constant. At peak usage times, you may only get ~100V anyway, but at other times, you may actually get more than the rated 120V.
    I would say if you aren't noticing any ill effects or excessive heat, don't worry about it.

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    Sounds good; fuck it.

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    I have never had an issue with an imported system. Hell, my J360 fat didn't even red ring (yet... hi, GohanX!) while not using a stepdown.

  9. While we are asking questions like it's 1998 again, let me go alta vista some answers.

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    Beats bing.


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