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Thread: Are there any experienced eBay sellers here?

  1. Amazon's seller fees are bullshit now.

    They'll take like $8 from you on a $20 game sell.

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    Take lots of pictures and be detailed about the descriptions.

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    By "dealz" he means "cock."

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  5. The nice thing about Amazon is using their fulfillment system and storing all your stuff in their warehouses and having them ship for you. I lose a lot to fees sure, but I can charge more since people with prime get free shipping anyway.

    I also only deal with any product the one time when I ship it to them. About a dozen things sold while I was camping this weekend, didn't take a minute of my time. Fees are rugged though, only pay off if you're selling so much volume the time saving is worth it.

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    • Take lots of good pictures.
    • Take pictures of anything someone might bitch about.
    • Describe the item like a dog, as to avoid scammers that will ask for a refund over any negative detail that a normal person wouldn't care about. Undersell it.
    • Sell anything used as "as is" or "for parts"
    • Research your item well and make sure you sell something as what it really is. Mzos have fits if you sell a game as the super edition and then mail them the Joe Bob Edition.
    • If it can be avoided, don't sell overseas. Paypal and ebay still act like snakes in those situations. They won't back you up.
    • Try to be specific in your auction title. Post an actual picture of the item as the main picture. The smartphone ap will first show them the title and first picture. They have to click a forward button to see your description. I had a real headache when the ap came out with people buying shit based on the title alone.
    • Be mindful of the best way to sell an item. Look at completed auctions to see if buyitnow or auction brings the most money. Auctions might work best for a super rare item, while something like a players guide does best with a buyitnow.
    • Decide if your time or money is worth more in regards to shipping. You will make the most money by taking your pictures, then boxing the item up, getting the weight and putting it into ebay. People closer to you will get the lowest shipping possible and maybe bid more. Total shipping is also factored into the cost when people search for cheapest, so you will appear sooner in a search for those people. You can offer a low flat rate on all your items to avoid this and save time, but you'll take some loss doing so as you're going to ship a lot of shit to California and New York. For most people, one of those is on the other side of the country, and will cost the most to ship to.

  7. Thanks for the input.


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