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Thread: QUESTION: Making Phone Calls Over The Internet

  1. Question QUESTION: Making Phone Calls Over The Internet

    I haven't had a land line for years, and since I moved 5 months ago I've been living in a black hole for cell service. What is my best and cheapest option for making phone calls over wi-fi using an Android phone? Is this something Google Voice does? Or do I need to get Vonage or Magic Jack or something? Is using an Android phone even a viable solution, or do I need to buy something that plugs into my computer?

  2. Skype?

  3. Ok, Skype sounds pretty cheap. Either 2.3 cents a minute or $2.99 a month. If there's nothing totally free this is the one I'll use. Good suggestion!

  4. It seems like Skype is fine for MAKING calls, but if someone wants to get ahold of me when I'm in a coverage deadzone do I need to give them my Skype number, or is there a way to forward my normal calls to my Skype account?

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    You should be able to turn on call forwarding from your cell phone:
    Doing something like that. AT&T also makes a wifi adapter you can connect to your router so you can take calls on your cell over your wifi connection, to improve your home coverage.
    You can probably do the same with other providers.
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    I'm pretty sure Google Voice lets you call using Wi-Fi as well. It would go through your voice number instead of your cell though.

  7. I have Virgin Mobile ($30 unlimited text and data plus 300 minutes) so they usually don't have fancy adapters. It's a great idea though, I'll look into it!

  8. I think you can add something called "Smartcall" on to your plan that'll let you do what you're talking about. Maybe? There is also this and something called Vonage. Vonage costs money, but it might work for you?

    I'm pulling all of this out of my ass, btw. I don't know dick about non iPhones.

  9. Thank you Josh! Groove IP is EXACTLY what I was looking for.


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