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Thread: $20 XBOX Credit for $15

  1. $20 XBOX Credit for $15

    Got a $20 XBLA from the GTA Preorder, nothing on the shop I want right now. Yours for $15.
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  2. I'll give you 18 dollars for it.

  3. You know you can buy Apps on your phone with that shit, right?

  4. Sure. I can't remember the last ap I bought though, and would rather have MonHun 3 on my shiny new Wii U.

    Edit: They gave me 2 of them, I just don't see myself spending $50.

  5. I'll take em
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    Is this for crack?
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  7. MonHun crack.

  8. bump

  9. I'll take it.

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    I've got one. Booya, bitches.
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