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Thread: Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

  1. Quote Originally Posted by alan_fatima View Post
    Nothing but white boys talking in the video. I wonder how much of this will be Matsuno and how much will be these playdek guys.
    Don't forget about YOU, who is also part of the creative team.

    Like I want the dirty proles giving their feedback on a Yasumi Matsuno game.

  2. #12
    Matsuno could use some feedback on his interfaces. Imagine a Matsuno game with something as elegant as the Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars UI.

    Actually, imagine a Matsuno and Gollop collaboration...

  3. All Matsuno needs is someone with a nerf bat following him around, ever on the lookout for this game's Chaos Frame to fall out of his mouth. That's it.

  4. imagine a Matsuno game...

    designed and developed by a bunch of boring ass white guys...

    who love boring ass white guy fantasy tropes...

  5. I love boring ass white guy fantasy tropes, so long as they're drawn by a japanese guy.

    You know, like Lodoss or Vagrant Story or Ogre Battle or Crimson Shroud or or or.

  6. those illustrations of generic knights and castles and swords aren't exciting me. i could read the description and watch the video to see if it's interesting outside of Matsuno, but *YAAAAAAWNNNNNNN*

  7. It COULD end up being a finely crafted not-so-rpg mobile-scoped tactics game with a Matsuno story. From what they've shown thus far. Maybe.

    I ain't backing.

  8. That name isn't making it sound any better...

    they should call it

    Nanashi no Sentai Densetsu

    wow, now that's a name

    it could be cool... i'm just hatin'. that logo on the video is really boring too

  9. Wait, are we pretending that FF Tactics WASN'T full of white guy fantasy tropes except for maybe the Chocobo and other Final Fantasy adaptations of already European and Greek fantasy tropes? I don't think FF Tactics could be more European if they tried.

  10. The neogaf thread is mighty illuminatin'.

    松野 泰己 ‏@YasumiMatsuno 18h
    記事に見たことのないコンセプトアートが掲載されていたのだけど、自分が関わっているっぽくないのが新鮮だw あくまでもゲーム企画(原案)とシナリオ・世界観 の提案のみでも関わり方なので、実際にどんな画面になるのか、どんなUIになるのか、まだ不明だよな~w #UnsungStory

    Matsuno Tweet: "There was some concept art [for the game] that I'd never seen in the article, but I like that it doesn't have the typical look of my projects. My involvement in the project is limited to providing the original design plan, the story, and the setting, so I have no idea what the actual game will look like and what the UI will look like."
    Playdek is looking to bring extra funds in to allow for development on additional platforms and to allow for the expansion of the creative team. We are planning to bring out Unsung Story on iOS and Android devices; however we need additional funding in order to deliver the game on requested platforms such as PC and MAC.

    Playdek and Yasumi Matsuno will continue to develop Unsung Story regardless of whether or not funding is met. The main focus on the crowd-sourcing isnít to create the game but rather to bring the game to the platforms requested by our fans and to help further the immersive world being created by Mr. Matsuno.


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