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Thread: Gohan's "I want a Wii U" sale

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    Gohan's "I want a Wii U" sale

    Alright, I'm wanting to buy a Wii U, and I need some cash for that, so I'm thinning out the collection a bit to fund it. All prices are negotiable, and I'm up for trades especially for Wii U stuff, and I would be willing to give a whole lot of stuff for a straight up trade (or trade plus cash) for a Zelda edition Wii U bundle. Please ask if you have questions, pics available upon request.

    Payment by Paypal preferred. Prices do not include shipping, I will use USPS for inexpensive items, and UPS or FedEx with signature confirmation for more expensive items.

    Neo Geo Home System:
    Low serial system, modded (not by me) with s-video, stereo, and composite jacks on the back. It has a switch for the bios to change it from a stock Japanese bios to the old debug bios (why?) and a purple LED under the reset button. The RGB works great, s-video is good (it uses the old easy mod, not quite as good as the current methods,) and the composite is awful. Physically the top shell is in good shape, the bottom shell has some scuffs and is missing some of the rubber feet. I'll send you some new rubber feet for it if I ever find the bag that had them. Comes with the original SNK 5v power supply, no controllers. $150
    Add a CD control pad or a really shitty old style stick for $25 extra. Note that the debug bios requires two controllers to be hooked up to access the debug menu. Also, the first gen home systems have been known to have sync issues with certain TVs, if this system isn't compatible with yours I will issue a full refund upon return as long as it's in the same condition I sent it in.

    Tiger Heli Box and manual only, beat up -Free *Gone*
    Festers Quest: Complete, box has some wear, otherwise in good shape $10 *Gone*
    Rush'N Attack: Box and manual only, beat to hell -Free *Gone*

    Earthbound: Cart only in good shape, label has minor wear that you can barely see. $125 *Gone*
    Final Fantasy II: Cart in good shape, box is a little beat up, manual is intact but shows wear, includes map. $50 *Gone*
    Final Fantasy III: Cart in good shape, box is in pretty good shape, includes poster, map, with a beat up manual. $80 *Gone*
    Chrono Trigger: Cart is in good shape, box is beat up, the map and poster are in good shape, with a manual that is decent with some wear. $100 *Gone*
    Arcana: Complete $25
    Street Fighter 2: Complete $15
    Wing Commander: Box and Manual Only -Free
    Wings 2 Aces High: Manual only, back cover torn -Free

    Nintendo 64
    Perfect Dark: Box only -Free *Gone*

    Gradius III/IV, complete but insert had something spilled on it, so it's in rough shape, disc plays fine. No manual -Free *GONE*
    Guilty Gear X2: $5
    Suikoden V: Good shape, but I believe the insert may be sunfaded, as it seems pale compared to the manual $20

    Resident Evil 4 Greatest Hits: $5
    Sonic Adventure DX (Gamestop stickers) $3
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: $5
    Call of Duty 2: Big Red One: Free

    Call of Duty Finest Hour: Free
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Blockbuster rental) Free
    Guilty Gear X2 #Reload: $5
    Half Life 2 (Generic Case): Free

    Xbox 360:
    Akai Katan Shin (J360, region locked) $30
    Bayonetta (J360, region locked) Free

    Instead of posting a bunch of ridiculously high resolution images here, go check out my album.
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    Good luck funding your wii u when half of what you are selling is free!
    Nothing for me, but your prices are very nice!
    Good luck!

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    Well, I figure the snes games will fund the system, most of the rest is stuff I just want to get rid of.

    You should take some SNES stuff for that Zelda system you just got and make ridiculous profit at your store!

  4. Do you have a PS4? I'll buy your PS4 then you can buy the Wii with the money.
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  5. I'd rather buy Gohan's modding skills.
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    Posted some pics in my Album, link in original post. If you want any other pics, let me know. I did notice upon unfolding the FF3 and Chrono Trigger maps that there are some minor rips along the creases as shown in the pictures.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    Earthbound, FF2, FF3 and Chrono Trigger are gone, pending payment. Wii U incoming!
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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