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Thread: Best Lesser-Known Beat-'em-Ups

  1. When I first got DJ Boy for Genesis, I thought it was the best beatemup ever. It turned out to be short and fairly easy, but I still like the weird bosses and rolling backgrounds.

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    It has a distinct feel and doesn't feel so derivative of Technos/Capcom/Sega Japan stuff.
    I'm not sure that's a positive.

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    For the sake of variety it is.

  4. Pirates of Dark Water Snes

  5. Big Fight (Tatsumi/Arcade)

    Tatsumi isn't known for beat'em ups, but they did put out Big Fight which is fairly good. Released in 1992, it's their last arcade title. Tatsumi is actually still around but they do sticker-printing and novelty machines now.

    The initial character selection starts with the typical three characters- Kevin the all-rounder martial artist, Jill (spelled Zill... love engrish) who is not as strong but faster, and Gear the slow but punishing wrestler. Also, five of the boss characters become selectable after being beaten back to their senses. There's a Pharaoh, the dominatrix Mevella, a kabuki/sumo hybrid called Gonza, etc. each with their own movesets. Between stages it's possible to go back to your original character if you've been playing as one of the bosses. Yes, Guardians of the Hood did this but at least Big Fight is actually decent. Like Streets of Rage 2 there's also a Vs. mode (2 credits needed) and special moves for all playable characters with SF type motions.

    One unique thing in BF is the Anger Power system. After getting knocked down at low life, you get an AP gauge and it's time for some button mashing. Maxing the gauge will give you a free special attack on rising. For the next few seconds your punches can set the enemy ablaze with blue flames and cause more damage. If there's one thing I don't really care for, it's the inclusion of dizzies in story mode. Once I had gotten re-dizzied and then killed almost immediately.

    A neat graphic feature that few others in the genre have is the warping floors that give it a more 3D feel visually. There's even a little scaling, notably when Mevella is sitting in the distance and then jumps in to fight you a bit later. Some of the in-stage enemies aren't exactly the most original (hmm... B.B. is an obvious clone of Final Fight's Bill Bull, and J.J. looks like Rick from Splatterhouse). OTOH the weapon selection has a few cool standouts. Grenade launchers? Frying pans? Yes. Weapons do break after a few hits.

    It can be played in MAME but there will be a few graphics glitches.

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    You want obscure, do you? What a weird one this game was. We got this right around the time of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and SFII Rainbow Edition rotated out of the local supermarket. Giant monster bosses, tons of gore, and questionable costuming! The main dude is totally dressed like one of those 'Hawkeye Initiative' drawings on Tumblr.

    TOTALLY RAD GAME. The dragon bosses' roar is a Godzilla sample, there's a stage select ala Mega Man, and you have a lot of weird attacks. The brain boss totally looks like something out of Alien Soldier (and makes a Chestburster noise when you kill it). Similar to Alien Soldier, it's a bit of a Boss Rush game, with minimal 'minions' to beat up.

    Worth a look!

    edit:The bosses Brainy, Red Dragon and Moai Head are originally enemies and bosses from the "Gradius"/"Salamander" series, also by Konami.
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  7. I love Robo Army on Neo Geo. Every time you hit someone it sounds like two garbage cans being banged together. It also has a bunch of small robot monkeys merging into a giant robot monkey. I find it very addicting.
    Look out, man, Wooly's gone ape-shit.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    River City Ransom was pretty good. Look that one up if you haven't played it.
    How about Edo RCR?

  9. I recently played Final Fight 3 co-op with Geen and all I could think about was Haggar's ponytail.

    His ratio of party in the back to business in the front was out of control.

    They did add a move that lets you change a back grab to a front grab, like in Streets of Rage. There's also a super meter and super moves.
    Yeah, it's underrated for sure. Pretty sure the west isn't even aware you can do an elbow drop followup to Dean's backbreaker via d,d+Y. It's not listed in any of the gamefaq faqs. Or that you can cancel his double elbow attack back grapple with his super in addition to the bodyslam.


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