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Thread: GameStop Black Friday Deals Leaked

  1. GameStop Black Friday Deals Leaked

    So, looks like that Luigi's Mansion 3DS and Zelda 3DS XL are coming to the US.

    Highlights (For me, anyway):

    $30 PS+ 1 Year (Friday)
    $30 Dragon's Crown (PS3)
    $20 Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix (PS3)
    COLLECTIBLE AND RARE GAMES (lol) $40 each: Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime Trilogy

  2. I wouldn't mind the PS+ and Kingdom Hearts. Tales of Xillia as well.
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    I'm good on PS+ until the end of 2015.
    Looking at the system bundles, the 360 is a joke compared to PS3.

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    Must resist Zelda 3ds...

  5. I like how the Nintendo 3DS games are advertised at the same price they've always been. $40 OMEGERD, WUT A DEAL!

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    Must resist Skylander Wiiu...exclusive figure...

  7. I guess that's how I'll get my ps+

  8. Infinite for $20, right around when Burial At Sea comes out, nice.

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  9. Yup, in for a year, maybe 2 of PSN+. I'll actually be off Black Friday for once, also.

    Driving to FL, but fuck it, we'll hit some on the way.

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    That blue PS3 is swanky. $250 a good going price on these things?
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