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Thread: X51 Desktop for sale

  1. X51 Desktop for sale

    I've got an X51 (i7 3770, GTX660, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Blu-Ray/DVD slot load, Windows 7 64-bit) for sale. I am pretty sure you can renew the warranty another year (by paying some amount of money), I will look this up if interested (the 1 year warranty is up next month).

    It's a sweet SFF machine, I am just building a new box and I only need one machine. Let me know if interested.

  2. Tempting but probably a lot more than I can spend right now. I'd take the video card by itself if you part it out, but I doubt such a thing would be worth it to you.

  3. Nah, I can't do that, sorry

  4. How about this bad boy for 350 dollars

  5. Good price. But I just bought a mattress

  6. If I didn't already own one I would buy it in a second.

  7. So this is sold


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