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Thread: Ads keep opening up the app center

  1. Ads keep opening up the app center

    When I browse TNL on my iPhone, the adds for mobile games will automatically open up my app center and prompt for download. Anyone to fix this I do I just have to deal with it? Does tapatalk have same issue?
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  2. sounds like some malicious ads nick will have to look into

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    Could be malware on your phone. I had something that opened up a thing for Candy Crush Saga in the Play Store anytime I was surfing Sega 16. I didn't even realize a phone could get that kind of malware.

  4. Same thing happens to me using my iphone. TNL is the only thing it happens on. I blame ios 7.
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  5. Happens on my Galaxy S3 as well.
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  6. I just got something pretty weird.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  7. yeah them's malicious ads alright, send nick a pm about them as I can't do fuck all about it

  8. Empire: Four Kingdoms is the worst culprit.
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  9. Oh, and just again for the Snickers Godzilla ad. It's like it heard me typing about it!


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