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Thread: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)

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    Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Joystiq
    Hidden in a press release beneath all the Nintendo Direct news are the words Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the confirmed title of the puffball's new 3DS game. That title was originally just for Japan after the game's reveal last month, but now it's the moniker in North America too.

    Also, it took me a full 46 seconds to work out why that title is oh so clever. Change the Triple to a number and the Deluxe to its first letter... yup, see? Clever, clever Nintendo.

    Apart from the new title, there's not much more to go on. Triple Deluxe looks to be a fairly typical Kirby 2D platformer, with its first trailer showcasing some familiar powers as well as the ability to quickly jump to and fro between near and far planes. One thing we do know: It's due sometime next year.

    Since my daughter has every Kirby game playable on Wii and DS, I foresee this one in my purchasing future. I have to admit that this series really is legit, despite the fact that I first tried it way, way late.

  2. That's a neat name. I also started playing Kirby games very late and am very much looking forward to this, it looks really good.
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    Definitely looks nice, hopefully it takes longer than an hour to beat. I feel like past Kirby games have been a bit short.

  4. They haven't been "short" since the gameboy games imo. Easy, yes. Not the shortest in the world though.

  5. The music in this game (really every Kirby game i can think of) is so lovely

    They haven't been "short" since the gameboy games imo. Easy, yes. Not the shortest in the world though.
    Yeah, i think the first game was the only one that was really short. Kirby games get kind of tough if you're going for everything, even the baby game first one is difficult in extra mode. Some of the spin-offs like Dream Course and Pinball Land are fairly challenging from the beginning.

    I sure wish Return to Dreamland would be released on eShop or remade for 3DS or something.

  6. baby games

  7. games

  8. yeah, they are games that more or less play themselves

  9. It looks nice but straightforward Kirby puts me to sleep. The more experimental entries like Amazing Mirror, Mass Attack, and Canvas Curse are very solid.

  10. i actually want the soundtrack more than the game

    and i'll be very disappointed if no one understands my gif reference, i know you 30-something year old parents played that thing too


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