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Thread: Recommend me a tablet

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    Recommend me a tablet

    So, I'm working on a project where I need to do rotoscoping. Seems like a tablet would be the ideal tool for the job. Problem is, I know nothing about them.

    I'm looking for something self-contained that I can actually superimpose and paint directly over individual frames of video, and ideally sequence and edit with the same device. What do you guys suggest?
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  2. Well, you sure got a lot of responses!

    I doodled a little with my Nexus 7. It's obviously not pressure sensitive or anything, and I didn't really find a stylus I was a huge fan of. The only app I really used extensively was Sketchbook Pro, which is solid, but I don't know how it would fit into your workflow like that. You can export to PSDs and other formats with that program though. It's cool for the price.

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  4. Seems legit.

  5. And timely.
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