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Thread: Star Wars Attack Squadrons (PC)

  1. Star Wars Attack Squadrons (PC)

    Disney Interactive has today revealed Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a free-to-play space combat game for PC. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is being developed by Area 52 Games, in conjunction with Disney Interactive and LucasArts.

    Probably gonna suck. But if it's at least like War Thunder or World of Warplanes i'll be happy.

  2. I would be 0% surprised if this was set up and played like a re-skin of Star Conflict, but since I like that game I'd be in.

  3. I wonder if it's related to the Star Wars dogfight miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games. It's a pretty good tabletop game and well-suited to be adapted to a free-to-play PC/iOS game.
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  4. I'm in the closed beta. So my previous comment actually ended up applying to SWTOR and this is, well, it's a browser Unity game.

  5. I got in and gave a key to Yoshi. I could never get it to run in Chrome. Oh well.

  6. #6
    It's taking forever to log in right now. I think there is new content this weekend, so that could be why.

  7. Yeah, you get a special skin if you log in this weekend for the event.

  8. So apparently this got canned today.

  9. lol wat. It was out, I thought.

  10. I played the beta some. I mean twice. XvT2 it was not. Super fail that hopefully doesn't destroy all hope of a real XvT sequel.


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