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Thread: WTB: complete Saturn games & DieHard Gamefan!

  1. Saturn WTB: complete Saturn games & DieHard Gamefan!

    since 2014 is officially Year of the Saturn I'm gonna need some Saturn games! looking to pick up boxed stuff (doesn't have to be pristine, just box manual & disc) of the following, and hoping for a good deal bundling some of it (trying to stay away from ebay prices) - where's my want list:

    Burning Rangers
    Saturn Bomberman
    Magic Knight Rayearth
    Shining Force III
    Three Dirty Dwarves

    Lower wants:

    Akumajo Dracula X
    Phantasy Star Collection
    Hyper Duel (...)
    Radiant Silvergun
    Fighting Vipers
    Bubble Bobble

    lemme know if you wanna work something out!
    also: always looking for classic issues of DieHard Gamefan & other vintage gaming mags! i have paypal, and a $150 best buy gift card i'd love to work into this for either high price items or bundles, lemme know!
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  2. I have a lot of gamefans. Have we discussed this before?

  3. What are you looking to do with the gamefans? Are there any specific issues you need... or just whatever you can get your hands on?
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I have a lot of gamefans. Have we discussed this before?
    Probably not with Ninja. He's from GAF and NintendoAge, but recently jumped over here.

  5. Dude should buy all my Japanese Saturn mags too.

  6. Opa Walking

    ^howdy Chux! yeah, i think i first came across this place ironically with the massive Gamefan reunion thread (man that was awesome) and Mzo's a local friend of mine too.

    i'm mainly just replacing my magazine collection lost years ago in a storm, got most of the Next Generation & others but looking back, i love the crap out of GF and it apparently had low print runs, so the only time you see it on ebay, it seems like the same 3 dudes asking $15-20/issue and relisiting when pretty much nobody buys, so i only snag the ones that start at a penny and end sub $5 or so.

    Josh & Sedition - would it just make sense to post the list of ones i currently have? i have them by volume & issue #, hope that helps...

    Vol 1 - 8
    Vol 2 - 1,5,11
    Vol 3 - 4,7,8,10-12
    Vol 4 - 1,4-9
    Vol 5 - 5-6,8
    Vol 7 - 1,8,12
    Vol 8 - 1,6,8,10

  7. List updated & revised - Josh, lemme know about those Gamefans whenever you get a chance, man! ill hit you up next week if anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishNinja View Post
    Mzo's a local friend of mine too.
    I knew there was something off about you.


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