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Thread: Best Buy Gamers Club

  1. All systems are there to be worked. Well done, sir.

  2. Oh wait, forgot to factor in the $10 reward certificate for preordering.
    Titanfall cost me -$9.25.

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    I got my coupons today. I think I may grab that hardcover Dark Souls II guide for $17.50. I'm also looking at reacquiring some of the used 3DS games I sold when I didn't think I'd get another at B2G1 free. That'll probably be the only used stuff I ever buy with the program.

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    What 3DS stuff are you looking for?

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    Probably just Star Fox and Mario Kart. They're each $25 used, so I could get something else or one of them free, depending on what the something else is.

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    Don't have either of those, to BB you go!

  7. I have Mario Kart DS, or are you talking about another one?

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    7 on 3DS

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    This is $30 with purchase of a $39.99+ game starting tomorrow. Anybody who buys a lot of new physical games could make a killing at that price.

  10. Yeah, $30 is crazy cheap for it.
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