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Thread: Birth of a Guitar

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    Birth of a Guitar

    Someone at another forum I frequent put together a blog post about how PRS Guitars are made. I thought that the more musically-inclined on this forum would appreciate the tour.
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  2. I've got a friend that works there, but I've never been. Cool link. Thanks!

  3. My father-in-law makes guitars all of the time. He made one for my daughter when she was born, called it The "Lily" guitar and put a penny from the year she was born in it. 95% of his facebook posts are him cutting, staining, sanding, putting finish on, etc. It's neat shit.

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    Why do you withhold worthwhile info from me and Josh for years?

  5. Look him up, Edward Sparks.

  6. no info on builds

  7. It's a hobby, don't know what to tell you.

  8. I hate those pickups, but there is some cool stuff going on otherwise.


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