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Thread: Gundam Build Fighters

  1. I watched all of Gundam Build Fighters recently and really enjoyed it, it's a lot of fun. After the first episode, I wasn't sure that I would continue with it, but I'm definitely glad that I did. As obvious an advertisement for merchandise as this series may be, surprisingly enough it's also a love letter to the Gundam franchise - and I can recognize that despite being familiar with only select portions. They did a good job of hyping up tournament matches and the post-credit scenes (usually cliffhangers leading into the next episode) are a neat idea.

    I'm looking forward to starting Gundam Build Fighters Try sometime soon.
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  2. Try has been a disappointment so far. I wouldn't mind if it ended in one more episode. Just bring on a season 3 and make it as good as season 1.

  3. If this is any indication, the new season is going to be hype.

  4. Not build fighters, but I just finished Turn A Gundam on bluray and holy crap that epilogue was great.


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