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Thread: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

  1. Son of a bitch. I bought it 2 weeks ago.
    Boo, Hiss.

  2. depending where you got it, rebuy/return or get a price adjustment.
    It's 2015, no one gets shafted by a sale price within a couple weeks anymore.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Coincidently the Game of the Year edition launches on the 5th.

    If you waited this long, I'd continue to wait.
    Eh, everybody says the DLC is terrible though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gohron View Post
    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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    Played through this over the past few weeks, offline unfortunately due to current circumstances, and I really enjoyed it!

    The Nemesis system and fhe combat are the game. The story is so throwaway and the ending is so horrible. The only stories that matter are the ones that emerge through the game's structure as you're hunting and killing orcs.

    That one dwarf that's been hunting shit for like a decade is going to be really sad when he gets back to the mountain.

    I'm gonna come back to this one once I go online to finish off the trophies that I can't even look at offline (awesome, PS4!)

    This thread was a ridiculous pain in the ass to find, btw.
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  5. This game seems pretty far removed from something I'd expect you to like! Maybe I was wrong to ignore it because of the brownness.

  6. More like Mordor's Creed.

  7. Only the first half of the game is brown.

  8. This was $10 at TRU so I picked it up. I'm thinking of taking a break from Dragon Age and starting it.

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    It should be cheap enough now to just try it out. The orcs have enough personality to push this game up out of the mediocrity it would normally wade in for way longer than you'd expect.


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