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Thread: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

  1. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I just watched this, and went from ok nifty a new Lord of the Rings game to holy shit when is this out about 2 minutes in.

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    Wraith's Creed: Mordor Asylum - Special Edition With Extra Atrocities To Tolkien's Lore

  3. Heaven forbid they take elements from other highly successful games.

  4. WOW Where'd this come from?

    Also, those climbing animations seriously look lifted directly from Assassmans Creed.

  5. There's a bunch of people complaining about the lore, but it looks good enough that I can hardly bring myself to care about that part. I'm sure the procedurally generated content won't be as good as they're hoping but it seems like a good mix of AssCreed and Arkham games.

  6. This looks really good.

  7. So this is out now, and nobody's playing it. I don't get it. It's outstanding. Admittedly it's almost a re-skin of Assassins Creed 2 but the combat system is right out of the Arkham games and the rest of the game is really well thought out.

  8. I'm playing it, and it's quite good.

    So are Bvork and Tain.
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    Yeah, this game is excellent. The basic gameplay is extremely derivative - it's literally the traversal of Assassin's Creed and the combat of Batman - but it's well done. What makes the game really special is the nemesis system. It actually works as they said it would, populating the world with unique orcs, with their own strengths and weaknesses, that cause you to adjust your tactics based on which ones are around.

    The game also seems to have actual difficulty, or at least more than any Batman or AC game ever did. I have had to flee fights because I just got overwhelmed by a ridiculous number of orcs. You can theoretically counter everything, but when you've got archers and spear throwers attacking you from a distance while you're trying to counter melee attacks and dodge the odd uncounterable one, you inevitably take a few hits here and there. And while you're in the melee, more and more orcs are almost certainly going to show up, and the hits you take just keep adding up...

    They've even done some interesting things with friends lists. I have been handed missions where I had to avenge the bbobb's and Tain's deaths at the hands of specific captains. Tain in particular got murdered by a total fucking monster who had a ridiculously long list of invulnurabilities. I lured him over to some beasts which did most of the damage, then stood in front of a fire and waited until he got close, then detonated it and watched him burn to death.

    The lore and story are about as atrocious as I thought they would be, but everything here is distanced enough from LOTR that I can just pretend it's taking place in a blatant ripoff of Middle-Earth.

  10. I've been playing it as well. I'm not as overly enthusiastic about it as everyone else though I see. The combat is good, and the traversal system works really well, and to an extent I enjoy the Nemesis system. I also find the game really frustrating at times, and slightly annoying. In my experience at least, enemies, specially Captains, just pop into the game world willy nilly. There have been times when I've been fighting a captain and killed about 7 or 8 of the Orcs he had with him. I've got his health down less than half and suddenly there's 6 more captains there and about 15 orcs and I have to run. As I'm running away and being chased I turn around a corner (that on the map it shows is EMPTY) to the first fucking Captain I was fighting (who by the way was just chasing me and couldn't physically have gotten there). It's happened multiple times, and I find it annoying. I'm playing on the PS4 here (don't know about the rest of you) and the button for dodging is dodgy. I swear it only works about half the fucking time. Then there's the little issue of if you don't cut off a captain's head they come back to life down the road. Hoshu the Rat and I have killed each other like 5 times now. It's silly.

    There are some really interesting things done here, like bVork said with taking out Captains that have killed folks on your friend's list. I thought that was clever. Over all I think I like the game but in making death inconsequential they also made it frustrating how easily it comes at times.
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