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Thread: Do You Still Watch Commercials?

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    Do You Still Watch Commercials?

    Well, do you?
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  2. If you think companies aren't getting brand recognition while you're fast forwarding you're kind of stupid.

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    are we really going to have an argument about how much branding gets through in a 4 second blur?

    Josh, are you doing ok? You're awfully ornery

  4. Yeah man, I had a really good weekend. I've got two band practices this week, and a show on Thursday that is gonna be pretty cool. And yes, I'll argue whatever with you. Dogecoin is creeping, and doesn't need my attention for me to make money right now.

    You could also accept that I'm right, and we don't have to argue. That's on you though.

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    Sure, you're always right.

    There you go.

  6. Also, no one thinks they watch commercials. Then they ask me if I've seen that one with the Geico pig because lol or whatever.

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    Sure, you're always right.

    There you go.
    Not good enough. You have to really believe it or Tinkerbell is fucked.

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    I would fuck nearly all incarnations of Tinkerbell.

    Just thought I would share.
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  8. Definitely diminished, but overall yes—I still have to see them sometimes when I watch my cable companies OnDemand service (unskippable commercials)
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  9. I watch commercials, because I still have Cable/FiOS and I watch sports.
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  10. More or less only when I'm watching live sports now.
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