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Thread: Drakengard 3: ☆Gardendrak☆ TUTURU

  1. Drakengard 3: ☆Gardendrak☆ TUTURU

    and i guess all the other Drakengards if you want. It's the third game (fourth if you count Nier) in an awful but sometimes fascinating series, developed by the remnants of a dead developer, released by a company that's moving away from console games, so it's some kind of weird, deformed, terminally ill miracle baby with a condition that requires its caretaker to revive it with cpr every 20 minutes so it can live another few moments in constant pain

    i can't find that many impressions, but this game is supposed to be bad, but at least two people in the entire world liked it so maybe it's a good terrible game.

    Square Enix must've decided to keep the good-terrible theme running all the way to the methods of obtaining it. I pre-ordered it after they announced and made pre-orders available 4 months ago, and this morning they announced a CE:

    limited to 5,000 copies

    and the only way you can get it is through Square Enix's online store

    which is run by Digital River

    and it has a $79.99 price tag, shipping and tax are around $20 extra depending on where you live

    On top of that, the only other way to get a physical copy of the game at all is to order through SE's store, and in another bizarre unfriendly twist, at least one pre-order bonus is only available if you pre-order by March 4th, and it's the Japanese track

    Otherwise you'll have to get it digitally, and it's 36GB huge, so at the speed of Playstation Network you'll be getting it several months after release date, if at all, no matter which method you use to get it.


    LE and standard edition pre-ordered, so if DR's goons throw it in the right boat i might have an extra standard edition if anyone wants to avoid the hassle

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    I didn't like Drakengard 1 and 2 but I loved Nier. Should I bother checking out Drakengard 3?

  3. Not many people are saying anything about it in English, so i don't actually know! Since it's Drakengard, it's probably more bad like Drakengard than bad like Nier though. Some people like that stuff.

  4. This thing is like a miracle birth from a menopausal 50 year old drug addict. Nobody expected it, nobody wants it, and I'm pretty sure everything about the process of making, ordering, and playing this will be absolutely terrible.

  5. Some people are pretty excited for it! Like 2 or 3 people on my Twitter feed are really happy! I WANTED IT! I WANTED THIS UGLY HORRIBLE BABY!

    I read a while back that it was being released in NA to appeal to hardcore gamers

    but it's actually for a really niche audience, especially with the way they're distributing it. They'd be appealing to as many or more of their fan base by releasing a new special edition of UNLIMITED saga

    *wistful sigh*~ UNLIMITED saga....

  6. I would totally preorder the CE but I doubt I'll be able to. OH WELL.
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  7. I liked Nier. It was like having a really terrible job but getting to work with fun people.

    Also, I like games that punish me for playing them.

  8. I've never played any of the previous games but this looks cool aesthetically.

    Not sure what to expect game play wise but I guess I'll wait for the reviews.

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    so why is this being sold only through the square store?

    Why even pay for an english cast if it is going to have that bad of a release?

  10. i can tell you that every review is going to be 5.2 and lower whether it's a good game or a terrible game


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