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Thread: WildStar (PC)

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    WildStar (PC)

    I thought we had a thread for this, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I got a beta key from PCGamer and am in the process of downloading the client. For better or worse, this looks like WoW in space. Is anyone else playing the beta?

    edit: Actually, that trailer makes it look better than WoW. I love the way the combat and player housing look.
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  2. I still wait for the day that player housing actually means something.

    This has been on my radar, but I never signed up for the beta.

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    There can be only one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    I still wait for the day that player housing actually means something.
    It did in SWG. You could show off all your stuff and run stores, among other things. The thought that went into some people's decorations was incredible.

  5. My brother has been literally salivating for this game for almost 2 years. He got into a limited beta weekend and said that I would love it, even as a WoWfag. If you ever get extra keys to invite others in, I'd love an opportunity to try it.

    Player housing isn't all that important to me, it's the new Flavor of the Year with Wildstar and Warlords of Draenor rushing to tell you how great it will be, but I always thought Clan or Guild housing was a better idea. Balls Deep Keep IMO

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    SWG had guild housing too.

  7. I played this. I think I'm still under NDA so I can't say much, but I will say that contrary to what I previously heard it's not just WoW. It is, however, almost an exact clone of GW2 with combat feeling slightly better. I don't know if that's worth a monthly fee.

    It is a very pretty game.

  8. GW2 clone is misleading. The game is WoW archetype with GW2-esque combat. The trinity/party roles are still there.

    You make your own action bar, and then have a limited amount of points to buff up those abilities. And then there's another talent point-esque system on top of that. See: How you progress through the game is a choice you make as well. You choose a "path" at character creation. This determines some of the quests you'll be offered while levelling up. There's paths for people who like exploring, like big combat waves, like crafting, and like getting deep into lore.

    If I wanted to play another themepark, it'd be this one.

  9. The paths are just the regular activities of the world in GW2 except now you can only pick one to do per character. In GW2 you could do a jumping puzzle to reach a panorama point and then go fight waves of enemies that just spawned in a nearby event, but in Wildstar you have to pick one or the other at character creation.

  10. Yup. I believe their mindset is to encourage you to group up so you can participate in the quests you would otherwise need to reroll for (which can also make levelling a second character less samey). It's also to make it more efficient to group up. For example, an explorer might have to find broken robots for a quest and a scientist might have to re-activate them. If you're in a party together you can do both at the same time easily and reap the benefits together. I think I heard mention of "races" between party members from point A to point B for the explorer path. In any case, it sounds like they've put more thought into it than making quests and then divvying them up.


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