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Thread: MMD - Tutorial, Gallery, Information

  1. Updated with some headhack/meshmods I did after being challenged to turn Elsa and Anna from Frozen, into Joshi/Pro Wrestlers.
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  2. Finally released the first batch of arcade cabinets for MMD:

    Total list of props:
    Arch Rivals, Battletoads, Cadash, Two Change Machines (one slim, one large), Contra, Daytona USA, DigDug, Double Dragon, Elevator Action, Galaga, Ghost 'n' Goblins, Goonies, House of the Dead, Karate Champ, Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden, Operation Wolf, Paperboy, PlayChoice_10, Popeye, Prop Cycle, Roadblasters, Space Ace, Street Fighter 2, TMNT, Virtua Fighter, and X-Men.

    Figure that should keep people busy for a bit while I work on other stuff.
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  3. Ok, so here's why I've been taking so damn long on updating this thread for:

    1)Spent like a week fixing someone's port of Celine from Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Added over 40 facial sliders, new outfit colors, hair colors, skin textures, skin colors, better rigging, better bones, etc.

    2)Learned how to port/rig/edit/etc. Using a combination of multiple programs I'm able to pull a massive amount of assets into MMD and for the most part, they don't suck. Even better is that I'm finding my stride with texture modding which allows me to do headhack/meshmods (using MMD bases/heads/accessories on clothing/bodies of existing models, keeping the general shape/feel of the character while imparting that more 'anime/manga/moe' look MMD is known for). It's weird, and I'm still new to it - but at least it's fun to mess with.

    Incidentally I've learned a TON about the issues MMD has as a program. There's no real support for transparency, so you have to hide it by changing the layer order of things. In the case of models, you might have to go in and cut up a bunch of the mesh just to re-layer it (especially hair, oh my god transparent hair textures are the bane of my goddamn existence right now).

    3)Been setting up a huge event for all the foreign and domestic puroresu/joshi fans that follow me around nagging about stuff (it's a constant, I get more requests for wrestling images than anything else) - to request whatever they want over the course of a month, I turn into a fucking conveyor belt of mma/wrestling/parody stuff whenever this thing goes down. However, instead of using a static mma octagon prop I decided to import a metric shitload of props from different communities (google sketchup, mmd, random obj files, etc) and have been modding stuff accordingly. I wanted to give people more options and ideas, so I went full retard. Everything in that ring is posable, from the ropes to the apron covers. Got ladders, breakable tables, ring bells, etc.

    And...whipped up a non-descript "referee" type character just for use in the event to add another layer of depth to each shot (or to just add levity to the scene/take up dead space in an image).

    On top of that I'm still doing images for people's model releases, helping others with the release of their own models and running one of those tumblr 'ask blogs' to keep myself on point with my posing/facials - it's a constant learning process, even more so when you're dealing with anonymous perv'd out fanboys. So yeah, been busy as shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (but if anyone here wants an image or has a request, hit me up either here or via pm - I've always got a slot open for peeps I know personally).
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  4. Pls make Harley Quinn flying through the air via a helicopter blade sticking out of her asshole holding two cock shaped lasers in her hands shouting "NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGER"

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Pls make Harley Quinn flying through the air via a helicopter blade sticking out of her asshole holding two cock shaped lasers in her hands shouting "NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGER"
    Just a single blade or the actual propellor? Not gonna get much lift to get airborne with a single blade, Josh.
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  6. Annnnnnnnnnd done. Left the bubble blank so you can put your own words/font in there.

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  7. LOL! awesome.


  8. So...I'm not saying that I've got all kinds of crazy ports coming but:

    (click to see full size)
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  9. Spent about 3.5 hours modding/hacking/and replacing parts on a model until I ended up with a Rosalina that I'm happy with. Still needs better boots, but at least this works as it stands (just gotta tweak eye placement bones)

    Had to relearn the entire process of porting due to new scripts and shit, but now we can get way WAY higher quality stuff working.

    - Felicia has a pose-able tongue, tail, and boobs. omfg so gooooooood
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