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Thread: MMD - Tutorial, Gallery, Information

  1. Someone stole Felicia's nipples.

  2. I think it was Cacpcom. It's all good though, because now I can go out and zap to the extreme.

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  3. Sorry I've been inactive guys, got caught up in a yearly event I run for all the joshi/pro wrestling fans I got (I open up all of November to requests and then try to do one image a day until they're all finished - it's a decent way to keep my skills on point since I have to reference video/images of mma/pro wrestling stuff). I can probably post some here, but most would be considered 'lewd' due to the context/content (no nudity, but plenty of girl on girl fighting/wrestling stuff).
    XBL Gamertag = XMrWhitefolksX

  4. Well unfortunately I've lost the ability to edit the main post (or any other posts I've made), so I guess I'll just toss this shit in here for now.

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