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Thread: The Argyle Sweater

  1. The Argyle Sweater

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    Anyone a fan of The Far Side by Gary Larson and completely bummed out that he stopped drawing years ago? Thought so. In that case, meet Scott Hilburn. He's the creator of The Argyle Sweater. His comics are written in pretty much the same vein as Gary Larson, so his stuff is pretty awesome.

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  2. Those are terrible.

  3. Family Circus better watch the fuck out.
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    Holy shit, those are negative funny.

    I feel a little sad now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    Holy shit, those are negative funny.

    I feel a little sad now.
    Now THAT was funny.

  6. The last one made me chuckle. Maybe I am a bad person?

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    I'm pretty sure we're all terrible people.

  8. Shit.

  9. Did wEEman hack Type Ryan's account??

  10. Painful rectal itch

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